ASRC Overview

ASRC operates within the existing IDEMA framework and is a forum for collaborative joint R&D efforts among storage industry participants, customers, suppliers, universities and laboratories with a goal to shorten the time from innovation to productization.

ASRC Goals

Accelerate the pace of technology innocation to shorten the time from invention to productization by:

Sponsoring and guiding of university research projects


Helping align the storage supply chain for maximum efficiency

Addressing key, less understood aspects of a given technology with a more fundamentally scientific focus

Provide a realistic roadmap to guide technology investments and help focus resources

Member Companies

Hitachi Metals


NHK Spring


Showa Denko ( SDK )

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo


Western Digital

ASRC Organization Structure

Executive Committee

  • The Executive Council (EC) sets the vision and mission of ASRC
  • Adjusts and approves budgets as proposed by the Steering Committee
  • The EC is comprised of representatives of Tier 1 ASRC member companies

Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee (SC) is responsible for project definition, execution, and oversight, as well as for optimization of entire projects.
  • SC is charged with the compilation and summarization of project activities, goals, and achievements for the EC.
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 member companies can have one representative on the Steering Committee.

Technical Committee

  • The Technology Committee (TC) will generate project proposals for SC action and approval.
  • Individual projects will reside within the Technology Committee, making it the direct interface between ASRC and universities.
  • Projects will have team leaders and other industry personnel to manage universities and research partners, project definition, execution, and oversight.


ASRC provides to members:

  • Direct control and oversight of the development of technology initiatives, joint research projects, and roadmap processes, providing faster results with clearer return on investment with a focus on applied technology but supported with academic research
  • Control of intellectual property (IP) by ASRC members fully funding a project, and partially owned with royalty-free licensing agreements in other scenarios
  • Approximately 90% of all member fees collected will be directed to research projects.


To join ASRC, email Trudy Gressley at